September 29, 2016

A little hop across the border

What do you do when both your kids are off on a field trip and your husband has an extremely busy week ahead and announces he'll need to work during the weekend as well?

You take off to catch the last rays of sunshine and blue sky. You head back to your absolute favourite place on earth. Throw on a summer dress and a pair of pink flip flops and hang out with your Sex and the city girlfriends!

Ok, so maybe an excuse or two helped my case such as a girlfriend flying into town from South America and another very close friend celebrating a BIG birthday... but here I am again ... rather unexpectedly... back in Madrid!

I am feeling very blessed to get an extra little sliver of summer ... but now let me go and work on that tan of mine!

Combatting the heat the traditional Spanish way and the high tech "made-in-China" way

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