September 17, 2016

A Parisian balcony view

This is what happens when you pop by a friend's house for a quick coffee in Paris. You discover that they have the most intriguing neighbours and some spectacular monuments down the road. I am lucky given the sun is out and the weather God has decided to smile upon the city of love granting us warm weather in the middle of September which means all windows are open.

Stepping out onto the balcony I walked into a world 

Uhhh, can I spot a Chanel dress on the mannequin?

Let's take a closer look

It seems Chanel have bought up the whole neighbourhood!?!

Perfect spot for a romantic lunch date.

I wonder if his date has stood him up?

Looking down the other direction... La Madeleine comes into full splendour.

I am sure this door would have a few secrets to tell.

A Parisian balcony with a life all to itself.

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