September 21, 2016

A pleasant surprise

Stuck behind my computer for the past couple of days, today, I decided to take myself down to the world-renowned Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores to have a peak at their home collections.

Nothing new on the horizon one would have thought. However... most of the Galeries Lafayette store windows where covered with a black curtain and the pavement running along this luxury icon was a sorry and rather dirty site.

I carried on to Printemps next door which looked much more upbeat. It's luxury division on the ground floor was bustling with Asian clients and the food hall was full of guzzling gourmets.

Turns out Printemps is undergoing a major facelift which left me with no other option than to take the escalators to the top floor... and boy, am I glad I did!

Who knew Printemps had such a spectacular terrace. A perfect place for lunch with a view.

Legendary French fashion house 

Rather deserted looking window displays

Galeries Lafayette's food hall delights

Fresh produce at exuberant prices

Climbing to the top of Printemps

It is so worth the effort!

A spectacular September day in Paris

Looking onto the church of La Madeleine on one side...

... and the church of Sacre Coeur on the other.

The church of St. Augustin with La Defense in the background.

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