May 21, 2017

A rather disappointing Apple Photo tour

Call me cynic but Apple like all multinational consumer brands nowadays like to make you believe. Make believe you are a valued customer when what they really want is your loyalty and hence your money.

However, when I stumbled across Apple's latest marketing gig - a Photo Walk organized across the globe on the same day - I decide to sign up and put them to the test.

"A 90 minute class exploring the world around you and level up your iPhone photography skills on an inspiring photo walk" was the tag line.

Well, it took 30 minutes for the 20 participants to sign the legal disclaimers on paper and consent to all kind of privacy laws on the i-pad that the ever-so-helpful assistants were handing around but eventually we did hit the road.

Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe I know the city like the back of my pocket but as our little group wandered around the corner and down the road it seemed Apple was more concerned about getting good footage for their internal communication than entertaining their customers.

More than one group of locals wondered what movie we were shooting?

The promise of taking us to new places, showing us how to create stunning shots, and experiment with the latest accessories did not quite materialize. The Apple team was, however, very eager to share the app VSCO with us and gave us some instructions on how to use it.

The young and talented photographer Nathalie Hill was very sweet but clearly not used to sharing her tips which left me wanting for more specifics as how to improve geometric compositions.

After a walk around the block we headed back to the Apple store to finally receive some editing tips using the above mentioned app.

Conclusion: the Apple staff are as hip and bouncy as ever but their charm just does not seem quite the genuine personalized customer service they'd like us to think it is. Nevertheless, it was a very nice way to spend two hours on a sunny afternoon even though behind all the hype there was not much substance.

Waiting for the course to start. Expectations are high! It's Apple after all...

Nathalie Hill a very talented and charming photographer

Let's get to work!

If they'd just take those mics out of our pics! 

Trying to capture a new dimension but definitely need some tips

Smile, you're on camera!

Oops, here comes the film camera... where should I point my camera?!?

My first attempt with the VSCO app.

The original shot in black and white

And then... the camera man fell flat on his face with all his gear!

So, let's go back to photographing colours and flowers

Peek a boo. Look who's smiling at you?!?

Ok, boys, that's enough internal footage now. 
Seriously, I've had better tours!

Trying to catch geometrical compositions on my own!?!

Still have a lot to learn when it comes to lines and shadows.

Somebody please teach me!!!

I'm much better at capturing the moment.

I adore reflections.

Looking up for inspiration 

Now, that's what I call inspiration!

Still trying to concentrate on geometrical lines... all by myself!

Sharing our shots with the group back at the Apple Store.
Who knew the girl next to me was Lily Rose the famous travel and lifestyle instagramer?!? 

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