May 12, 2017

Tom Cruise is in town

I'll just say this straight out... I have NOT seen Tom Cruise... even though he has been besieging our neighbourhood for the past 10 days. It's tough when your hood is so popular they need to close it down for Tom Cruise to shoot his movie.

When the white and orange cones go up along the parking spaces in your road or big white trucks pull up with no logo on them or sections of the sidewalk all of a sudden aren't accessible anymore even though they are perfectly in order you know there is a movie shoot in the works.

Since we happen to live near some pretty famous monuments like the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower this mayhem seems to go on quite a lot.

But in the six years we have lived in Paris Tom Cruise's production has topped them all.

Coming home last week the Trocadero, the esplanade looking onto the Eiffel Tower, was closed off and white trucks were lining not just one avenue leading to the Trocadero but all of them.

Inquiring who was in town a staffer timidly told me although the news had already spread like wildfire on Paris' social media. The man sitting in the food truck (yes, they have their own food trucks and the food looks good!) kindly informed me that if I were willing to hang around until 3 or 4 am in the morning I would be able to follow the filming. I admit for a second I actually considered setting my alarm clock and sneaking out in my PJs but on second thought I don't think so!!!

Accompanying Expat girl to her theatre class this afternoon we turned the corner at the end of our road to yet again find a gymkhana of trucks, cars, lights, electrical material, props and people to make our way past. Not to mention all the security guards who were pushing the curious onlookers along in a very French fashion!

So, in a very French fashion I stood there nonchalantly hoping for a glimpse of the man on the bike but alas it started raining and hence my admiration for movie stars ends here!

I will just have to wait till I see him on screen whizzing through my neighbourhood as if it were his. Though luck, Tom Cruise, it's mine!

A small section of the filming entourage

Trying to catch the metro has become quite a challenge today

Distance between Tom and myself 50 meters. Staffers in between 500!!!

Impressive technical set-up

NOW we know how they shoot the car scenes

 A well travelled car!

Can't wait to see this car in the movie

Interesting vehicle... not your usual Parisian transport

I wish I could see this one in action

 Do NOT enter when red light is on

Tomorrow it will all be back to normal!

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