May 4, 2017

Food and good company = happiness

Looking back over my recent photos, I realize there has been a lot of eating going on lately.

I am eternally trying to get rid of those 2 or 3 kilos gained over the winter but with one-digit temperatures and grey, rainy days it is hard not to devour that yummy piece of chocolate after dinner or say no to a glass of wine over lunch with your girlfriends.

Hot yoga and the extra half-mile on my run just won't do the trick any longer... I simply love good cuisine. By no means a foodie, I am just a lover of a delicious meal with great company. Paris might be grey but nothing beats a late night dinner in a French bistro with my hubby, a fun paella with good friends or some true International family home cooking.

And, I am not known to resist dessert...

A visiting friend from America is a great excuse to get together over a glass of wine... or two!

Even the healthy version comes as a huge portion 

Spanish Paella Sunday lunch

Colombian Patacones as aperitivo

Italian Pasta evening

Venezuelan Arepas festival

French bread... lots of it!

A sophisticated Parisian brunch finale!

Walking into the boulangerie to buy baguette...

... but ending up with Petits Fours!

A visitor from Italy who knows me too well!

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