September 30, 2017

A quick trip to Ibiza and back

What to do when your kids are off on a field trip and your husband has announced the upcoming work week will be the busiest one of the year? Go for little voyage yourself of course!

My destination: the island of Ibiza!

There was a mission behind this trip and given the cloudy weather this was just as well. How to cover Ibiza's market in furniture and decoration in four days. Clocking 300km and covering everything from chic lounge style to flee market vintage, this is what I found...

Wouldn't that look great in our Parisian living room?

Another exotic touch that would look good in Paris.

Mexican vibe definitely works better in Ibiza

My kind of slogan:

A dose of peace and love is always welcome in Ibiza

How quaint is this little boutique?

Not sure what I'd do with these in my living room?

A blast from the past: vinyl records

Collage of materials and colours

The local flea market called Ibiza troc

Milka cows with the colour gone wrong?!?

Total kitch and I'm loving it!

Not my style but great inspiration 

Spot the pink flamingos... #ifIhadagarden

If you happen to like the Mafia style

150 Euros for a pair of serving spoons... seriously?!?

"Grow old with me the best is yet to be"

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