September 15, 2017

Missing my 30-year reunion

So, I should have been on a plane to Switzerland by now and half-way up the Alps to meet up with my old school mates from 30 years ago. Yes, I am THAT old! But as life goes, it does not always work out as planned and due to a little family emergency I had to cancel my participation for the 30-year high school reunion last minute.

It does make me feel rather sad and a wave of disappointment is still lingering over me waiting to crash. I spent three years of my teenage life with this gang... night and day since it was a boarding school... we have been through fun times and also rough ones sometimes but our eclectic class always stuck together. We all have nicknames for each other and share many a fond memory.

After all we were teenagers stuck in a mountain village, we were bound to get up to mischief, especially during winter peak-season when some of us would secretly sneak out into the cold night to party at the trendy disco (it was the 80's after all) making sure we'd be back for breakfast at 7:00am. If we were unlucky it would snow over night and our footprints were a dead giveaway but it was all worth the thrill.

I am now hoping I will be able to "houseparty" the gang tonight, and I have faith my friends will figure out how to use the app and we'll all see each other instantly. Keeping my fingers crossed!

"La cage aux folles" was the theme for this party back in 1986
when internet was still unknown and the costumes were home-made!

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