September 22, 2017

Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams

One of the most spectacular exhibits that the capital of luxury has seen in the past years has GOT to be the Christian Dior exhibition at the Musée des Arts décoratifs.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary the House of Dior has staged the biggest retrospective ever featuring more than 400 dresses in the most magnificent ways.

"Deep in every heart slumbers a dream and the couturier knows it: every woman is a princess." Christian Dior once said, maybe with a degree of exaggeration but first and foremost with an unusual ambition to dress women of his time. This exhibit more than any other in the past has managed to capture this credo and walking through the various extravagantly decorated spaces the veil of luxury hanging in the air is palpable.

It is true that he knew how to unveil the princely part of every woman's body, offering them a tremendously modern and sophisticated silhouette on a platter. Even though his creations are reserved for the elite, they went beyond the private sphere of the bourgeois fashion and became symbols which now have the place of honor for a six-month exhibition at the musée des Arts Décoratifs.

The layout is both chronological and thematic, offering up the story of the man, his house, and fashion within the broader context of art and culture.

Christian Dior revolutionised the post-war fashion,
he breathed extravagance into the too conventional dresses of the women from the 50's and launched a large business where couture is an art.

Christian Dior used to be a gallery owner and he was in fact an enlightened art lover, for that reason the exhibition features many works of art alongside the 400 selected dresses from the House of Dior origins to the most recent creations.

pure sensory overload 

an excess of pattern and colour

natural elegance

a touch of pink

A coat-gown decorated with Hokusai’s Great Wave

Dior’s Bar jacket is characterized by molded curves, a cinched waist, elevated bust and padded hips. Christian Dior named it the Bar jacket since the piece was intended for the afternoon cocktail hour at hotels. 

Rooms capture different settings - a boudoir, a garden, a gallery and a street - culminating in a vast recreation of the Hall of Mirrors at the Palais de Versailles.

Literally overwhelmed by emotions!

The luxury is in the details

The goal of the exhibition is to show the source of creation and the breadth of culture that Christian Dior and the designers who succeeded him possessed. They really explored the history of art creating an important message that fashion isn’t "easy". Christian Dior and his designers made a point of bathing in culture. He understood the complexity of things, but what he loved was simplicity. 

Gianfranco Ferré's Italian touch

Extravagance par excellence by John Galliano

An orange-hued backless dress by Raf Simons, a creator of gorgeous architectural abstractions

Current and first female creative director: Maria Grazia Chiuri

"We should all be feminists" Christian Dior's latest bestseller!

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