October 4, 2017

Celebrating Italy with "La Famiglia" at the Embassy

When his excellency the Italian Ambassador to France and his wife invite you for afternoon cocktails sponsored by Le Bon Marché how can you resist? It was them who helped bring on board many of the Italian brands currently being showcased at Paris' most fashionable department store in an Italian-themed fall exhibition, which spans fashion, food, homewares and sport. 

Teams from the department store and food emporium traveled deep into Italian regions from north to south to unearth unique, little-known products and discover the passionate people and stories behind them. The result is a selection of the purest essence of contemporary Italy in all its amazing ebullience. 

Being married to an Italian I was lucky to receive a personal invitation to celebrate the launch of “La Famiglia,” within the closed walls - and the magnificent garden - of the Italian Embassy in Paris.  Take a look for yourselves:

Wondering what's behind the closed doors?

A simple yet stylish invitation... so Italian!

Entering a world of history mixed with glamour and fashion.

Following the orange thread and the golden shoes... Dorothy and Toto would be so jealous!

Leading straight into the magnificent ballroom

Condiments Italian style

Can I take that Panettone home with me?

Guess what this is? Hint: it tastes delicious with the panettone

A cosy spot to have a rest.

Displaying fragrances on the Ambassador's desk

Another touch of orange 

I might just use that lovely bike to ride home. 

 Grazie mille Le Bon Marché and the Italian Embassy for a lovely afternoon.

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