April 29, 2018

A very luxurious time capsule

Moving on swiftly from Lugano to Madrid, the sunshine has followed us during our entire two weeks of spring vacation. Just as we were getting used to opening the shutters onto blue skies and sunlight, today the heavens opened up and it was the perfect excuse to hit the museum.

Thanks to Louis Vuitton's Time Capsule we spent a morning of imaginative time travel through a visual journey while enjoying the artisan craftsmanship and heritage of the brand.

We toured the exhibition with Pablo our charming guide who explained how the Time Capsule demonstrated ways in which Louis Vuitton had anticipated the needs and desires of a changing world over 160 years. As advances in transport continue to accelerate our movement around the world, so does Louis Vuitton address new challenges faced by travellers with imaginative and ingenious creations.

Travelling from the House’s beginnings in 1854 to the present day, the story was told using rare and celebrated objects selected from the Louis Vuitton archive.

Time Capsule: a visual timeline of landmark moments in the Louis Vuitton story.

Magic Malle, symbol of the House, the trunk is where it all began.

Monsieur Louis Vuitton and his crew.

Elegance in Motion, showing how Louis Vuitton has enabled its clients to travel in style... 

... today as well as 100 years ago.

Journeys around the World, revealing how Louis Vuitton met the demands of new forms of transport.

Before the weight of your luggage mattered

The Keys to the Codes, those distinctive design features that can be traced back to Louis Vuitton’s very first trunks.

Icons of the House, a selection of Louis Vuitton’s most memorable and emblematic creations.

Picnicking in style!

A 150 piece beauty case

A portable flower vase produced after the First World War

Detail of a Spanish custom-made abanico (fan)

Custom-made showcase for a local beer brewer

Remember the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa?
The luxury brand managed to wrangle three of the greatest soccer players of all time (Pelé of Brazil, Diego Maradona of Argentina and France's Zinedine Zidane) for its Core Values campaign...
just in time to capitalise on the mania 

Rare Louis Vuitton x Supreme Boite Skateboard Trunk Monogram Red retails for $57'000.-

An absolute must for Paris shopping: parapluie avec sac-à-dos!
Back in 1996, LV commissioned several artists to celebrate the centennial of the Monogram Canvas. This rucksack was created by Spanish designer, Sybilla.

The question is: who will open the Time Capsule when the time has come?

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