April 17, 2018

Cherry blossom cocktails

When the Peninsula Hotel requests your company to launch the Sakura season there is only one option... you cancel everything else and inform your hubby that he is accompanying you to visit your old neighbour. I do miss it when in early October the Peninsula Hotel in Paris turns pink in honour of breast cancer month and its light reflected a slight rosy hue throughout my living room and kitchen.

Sakura has become very popular in Paris this spring. No day goes by without spotting photos of the Eiffel Tower framed with cherry blossoms on social media. It has become a commercial incentive. I do admit I'd much rather do a pink Sakura season than a scary Halloween one. 

Back to my cocktail... and a cocktail worth mentioning it was! The Japanese bartender had been invited all the way from the Peninsula Tokyo to showcase his fabulous skills. He mixed his specialty and handed me his Cherry blossom cocktail to taste. The pink, gin-based, sweet cocktail was an instant hit.

While waiting for my second Cherry blossom cocktail to be mixed, hubby informed me that we had won the raffle prize and were needed in the next-door room for photos. Yeah right, there was no way I was giving up my cocktail but as I turned around to him with a big smile I realized he was not kidding. Nevertheless, I was not letting go of my spot in the queue (might I be more Parisian than I realized?) and with cocktail in hand we had our picture taken as the proud new owners of an exquisite piece of Japanese calligraphy that had been painted before our eyes earlier that evening.

"When the cherry blossoms are even more beautiful than embroidery that is happiness" I have been told is the meaning of the delicate piece of art that will find its place next to the Arabic character symbolizing happiness in our apartment... but before... just let me enjoy one more Cherry blossom cocktail.

The Peninsula hallway is picture perfect

Dress Code: a touch of Pink

The Tokyo Peninsula bartender

Cherry blossom cocktails are his secret weapon

Japanese calligraphy ceremony

An enchanted exotic unforgettable evening: Osoreirimasu (おそれいります) 

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