April 6, 2018

Spring is coming

Back in Paris and enjoying the flower shops promising the imminent arrival of spring... or so we hope!

The French art of living celebrates beauty, and this is especially evident in Parisians love of flowers. Most Parisians don't have gardens, so they bring fresh or artificial flowers into their homes.

In Paris, a floral shop can be found on practically every corner, with gorgeous blossoms spilling out into the street. Pass through the door, and the mingling of delicious fragrances from a vast array of blooms is intoxicating. Each store is unique, a masterpiece - the florists are artists, the flowers, works of art.

Opened in Palais Royal in 1830, the first Parisian flower shop was allegedly that of Mrs. Prevost.

Today the Lachaume boutique is proudly the oldest remaining florist in Paris from La Belle Epoque. Maître Fleuriste since 1845, this family of Venetian origins, has remained true to its aesthetic philosophy ever since the time when the very Marcel Proust visited their shop daily, in search for a fresh cattleya to keep company to his buttonhole.

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