September 25, 2012

Le petit chef ... ma fille!

Last night my hubby and I were treated to once in a lifetime experience. We had dinner at a charming little bistrot and were served by ... our nine year old daughter. She had signed up for a culinary apprenticeship for children in a traditional French restaurant in the heart of Paris. Only in Paris have I come across such an offer!!!

I had dropped her off at the bistrot three hours earlier. The chef took over and trained ten little girls and boys how to prepare, cut, cook and present food. Further, the little apprentices received a crash course on how to set a table and serve the guests ... all in three hours!

The result was great fun for all of us. Expat girl proudly took our orders and recommended the dish she had prepared: chicken, ratatouille and mashed potatoes. It took a while to take note of the wine we ordered but the novelty of waitressing her own parents kept the adrenaline going until late at night.

So the service was a little slow and the timing was not perfect but we did get a glance behind the scenes and Expat girl realized how tough restauration can be.

It was an unforgettable evening! And you know what? She said she'd do it again!!!

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