September 29, 2012

Mastering my camera

I love taking photos. I am not a professional. I go by instinct and trial & error. However, I am always happy to learn. I therefore registered for a photo tour in Paris. It combined tailored photography advice and instruction through the most photogenic parts of the Marais. I learnt some new skills within the first five minutes of our encounter with the charming guide named Hermione. The tour started out with instruction on the various settings on our cameras. Hermione was patient and helpful -- and she really opened my eyes to all of the photographic possibilities that were around us. Here are but a few Sepia pictures.

These were Hermione's tips:

- Up close and personal
- Follow the lines
- Threes or odd numbers
- Fill the frame
- Tell a story
- Give the idea
- What's the picture about? Move close to subject
- Look back and discoveries
- White balance
- ISO dark situation make number higher, normal setting 100 or 200
- Cloud setting to warm up image and helps with orange buildings in Paris
- Minimize distracting backgrounds
- Reflections in windows, bike mirrors, sunglasses
- Blur part of pic with slr

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