September 16, 2012

La rentrée is fun!

The biggest change for us when we arrived in Paris a year ago was the switch from a Swiss public to an International school. Although the International campus felt familiar - the kids had attended an International school when we lived in Madrid - I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by a "Mini-United-Nation" at drop off every morning.

Last year after one week of school the kids had made lots of new friends. They told me about Kento, Amit, Ahmed, Antti, Vashnavi, Tomiris and Silje. Oh dear, I'm in trouble. I might be able to guess which nationality they are but are they boys or girls??? What happend to Eduardo and Raffaele, or Arianna and Gaia?

So, this year I was curious to hear where my childrens' new friend would be from. The turnover at an International school in Paris is about 30% every year!!! This obviously leaves a great deal of room for new acquantainces.

To my surprise the children stuck to their "old" friends from last school year and are happy spending time with them.

I, on the other hand, am having a celebrity moment. I have introduced myself to Vincent, showed off my biggest smile at Gérard, am wondering how I can strike a conversation in Spanish with Salma and seriously considering asking Zlatan for an autograph for Expat boy (eventhough he played for Milan and Barça - we'll just skip that fact).

What a start into the new school year!

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