September 24, 2012

My kids are becoming French!

After a year in the city of lights my kids definately have received a healthy injection of French culture. Along with "la culture generale française" comes the French attitude. They have experenced plenty of that as well.

Here are just a few examples. You know you're kids are becoming French when they:

1.) Can relate the Arc de Triomph to the Champs Elysées.
2.) Know the difference between a Luxemburgerli and a Macaroon.
3.) Show their Daddy how to ride the metro with their Navigo.
4.) Ask for a tradition rather than a baguette at the bakery.
5.) Are experts at slalom-riding their trottinette around dog poop.
6.) Learnt that "Ce n'est paaaas bien ça!" is an attitude rather than a statement.
7.) Appreciate that there are places made of mountains and others made of museums... it still all goes under culture

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