September 30, 2012

Welcoming Bill Gaytten to the House of Galliano

John Galliano, the ousted designer!!!! His label is still on the scene although banned down to the docks for his latest fashion show. Or is he setting a trend... once again?
For the second time in one week I trecked down to Les Docks to get a glimps of Paris' fashion week.

I drove myself across Paris figuring there was less traffic on Sundays. Needless to say I got stuck in a demonstration against austerity (!!!) infront of the docks and needed to walk in my high heels from the parking which was miles away. Not a good start!

Expecting to find a lovely marquis ontop of the lofty rooftop garden, I found myself walking around the building - thanks to poor directional guidance - to get to the lower level.

After some haggling about a backstage braclet I wasn't wearing - the queen of negotiating her way inside was losing her patience and therefore - I decided to turn to being snobby, unfriendly and blasé towards the security guide who admitted my invitation was valid but that I needed a braclet. "Listen man, honestly I think I'm past the age of backstage. Seriously"! I walked over to his collegue who let me in with a smile.

Taking my seat at 5pm sharp (I am Swiss after all) we were informed/warned by a "monsieur désagréable" to step out of the runway for the rehearsal. Rehearsal???? You've got to be kidding me! The invitation says five pm! A handful of the saddest looking models paraded up and down the basement of the building to some dreary music whereafter we were kept waiting for an hour!!!! Time to write my blog post!

Then the VIPs - who had all been stuck in the same demonstration outside - started arriving and the buzz began.

The designer it turns out is Bill Gaytten and his sculptured volumes, graphic print and pure colours explored the modernity of dressing. Cut-away shapes, clean round-necklines and varying asymmetric hems in trench cottons, technical taffeta, crepe, cotton poplin punctuated this contemporary, feminine collection. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection was a restrained palette of stone, coral, navy, white, black and pale pink. It was fabulous and definately worth the wait.

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