September 25, 2013

A hot Yoga experience

So, you might think I have been lounging around during the summer when, in reality, I have been out on discovery tour in Spain.

One of my friends challenged me to a class of Bikram yoga... and I cannot resist a challenge. One month later I was hooked and googled Bikram yoga in Paris. Gotta reserve my warm spot in the city for the cold, long winter ahead.

So, off I went not knowing what to expect. I found a very clean, BIG, sophisticated yoga studio full of light. A modern vestiaire (locker room) and spotless showers. Wow! Nope, these things are not always a given in this city!

While I was curiously sneaking around I was kindly apprized to leave the main studio since class had not begun yet and invited to wait in a warm, dark, relaxing antechamber. Oops, did I just get told off?!?

Finally, the teacher opened the door and we streamed into the sunlite studio. I can honestly say I was blinded by the sunshine and THAT has never happend to me in Paris before.

The teacher was precise and strict. No smiles and I think we managed to get three little "C'est bien" out of her during the 90 minutes of contorting ourselves.

The class was in French and the French like their authority. I felt like a schoolgirl when I gently got put in my place for telling her my name during class thinking she was looking straight at me when in reality she asking for the girl's name behind me. Another Opps.

In conclusion, the class was very professional but not half as much fun as the Spanish Bikram class. Also the studio in a scorching Madrid summer was probably at about 45°C with 55% humidity therefore the temperature in the Paris studio seemed like a piece of cake.

Having said that, as I write this post, my body feels like it is floating and I feel grrrrrreat. I know where my warm spot will be throughout the coming winter. Maybe the teacher will warm up as well?!?

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