September 20, 2013

Call me Parisian

When do you know you are turning into a Parisienne? When does Paris start feeling like it "fits" you?

Personally, I did not think I would see the day when I would say: " Yes, I like living in Paris" BUT - much to my surprise - this day has come. I DO like living in Paris, it is starting to feel familiar and I have adapted to this city. Maybe a little too much, my mother would say.

Two years ago I reluctantly signed up for an excercise class since I could not find an airy, light, big gym in the city center that fit my needs. I still remember that first class in a studio that was just around the corner from our house - I googled it. Location is everything, you don't wanna be trekking across Paris for one little excercise class, right?!?

Before I even reached the studio I could tell which door to knock on. Infront of yet another Haussmannian building that conjure the traditional images of Paris - oh, we are so spoilt  - stood three ladies energetically gossiping about their weekend. Not only did they look super-fit in their tight fashionable purple and black excercise outfits, they also had their hair done to perfection and flawless manicures. They were tanned and just looked swanky and glamorous. At this point I thought to myself: "I have obviously come to the right place! Thank you Google maps". Then it hit me: " Oh dear, I feel like a country pumkin compared to these hip Parisiennes."

Well, today, I was the tanned swanky-looking fashonista wearing stylish bright pink and purple excercise gear chatting away in French. It struck me as a déjà-vue and I realized that I had come full circle in our latest destination. I was starting to fit in and maybe Paris could feel like home one day.

The fact that my nailpolish was the perfect match to my excercise outfit proved that I was becoming truely Parisian. However, I could never betray my own personality. The colour was not deep Parisian red but, of course, a vibrant, happy Fuchsia!

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