September 30, 2013

A wonderful discovery at the end of the treasure hunt

Did you know that Napoleon stole the treasure of the Germans during the battle of Leipzig? This was the opening line to a birthday invitation by Expat girl's classmate. A treasure hunt the children would never forget.

I was not as lucky as to go on the treasure hunt but I heard they had to tow a car with a rope and build a  litter to carry the birthday child. These were just two of the many challenges the children had to master.
We, the parents, would have loved to join, however, we did discover a lovely new park on the outskirts of Paris thanks to this invitiation.

The Domaine National de Saint-Cloud is the ideal spot for nature lovers with 460 hectares of gardens with fountains, sculptures, and majestic perspectives laid out by André Le Nôtre. It was a nature reserve until 1923 and it is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. In 2005 the park was awarded Notable Garden status. See for yourself:

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