September 14, 2013

Where has the sun gone?

Expat hubby looks out the window and utters: "Please, tell me this is not true. This weather cannot continue until next summer!"

We are hanging around in our sitting room on a rainy Saturday afternoon in mid-September when realization hits us: we are back in Paris!

Can it be? Only two weeks ago we were lounging on the beach at 35°C? Now, it seems summer never happened. Admittedly, it came fast and went just as fast. What happend to that Indian summer? Where are the autumn sunsets? 

It is pouring outside and after having lived through a disastrous year - meteorologically speaking - we are not ready to undergo another nine months of grey drizzle.

At this point I actually googled this year's weather forecast and it is NOT looking promising: "forts cumulus en précipitations" and "ensoleillement pour ainsi dire moribond (-30%)".

Well, I can recommend a bistrot in the 16th arrondissement that serves Mousse au chocolat by the bowl - and I mean saladier (saladbowl) size - that is where you'll find me posted all through the winter if the weather fairy does not come up with something quickly....

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