September 7, 2013

Newcomers - Soyez les Bienvenus

We are back in town.

After nine weeks of endless blue skies and and countless hours of sunshine not to mention all the suntanning sessions, we are back to face the music.

Much to our surprise Paris welcomed us with a whopping 32°C and a beaming sun set in a perfect blue sky. WOW, did I miss something while I was away?

The night before school started the kids both told me they were excited to go back to school. Something else I have missed here??? Hurriedly they added: "Not because of the lessons but we are curious to meet the new kids."

Two years ago, we were the new kids on the block. The turnover of expats in Paris is flabbergasting. Most of my children's friends - who started their adventure together with us in the city of lights - have left back home or moved on to their next adventure.

I have a feeling WE might be in Paris for the long run... this is good and bad, it all depends from which angle you look at it. However, I won't go into that right now.

Having said "Au Revoir" to most of my Parisian "copines" as well, I feel like my kids at this point, ready to check out who could be my new buddy.

Of course, we will always miss our "old" friends because we have created so many unique memories during our quirky, fun, surprising, frustrating, relevating experiences over the past 24 months but life moves on and so must we.

So here goes, welcome to all the newcomers. Soyez le Bienvenus à Paris!

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