April 6, 2015

It's good to be back!

We are in Madrid and it feels like we have flown across the continent. We have gone from grey skies, pouring rain and 5 ºC to suntanning around the pool, lunch on the terrasse and blossoming cherry trees.

We used to live in Spain and have definately left a part of our heart here. We religiously come back every spring, summer and autumn and every time it is like stepping out of one film and into another one. It feels as if we have been beamed to a different planet.

Yet again, the sunshine welcomed us this Easter as did our friends and neighbours. We have kept a place in the suburbs of Madrid and it is home to our family. Yes, I realize we have a mixed background, however, Spanish blood does NOT run in our veins but at this point who cares? It feels good to be back!

We've moved over ten times across different countries and continents and have built and rebuilt ourselves homes with more or less enthusiasm, sometimes with difficulty, sometimes with just a few smiles but it is Madrid that we like coming back to and spending time. We just wish it could be more time!

The view upon opening my shutters this morning!

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