April 14, 2015

The best pita in town

It feels like I am eating my way through the month of April. I attribute it to spring and the good weather. Parisians and Expats alike start flocking around the cafés and terraces after the long, grey winter.

Following a quick round-up via SMS, my red-haired South African chavera took a bunch of us to lunch in the Marais, a popular and active commercial area and a major centre of the Paris Jewish community. Living in Paris we've all heard of (or been to) the l'As du Falafel, easily spotted thanks to the long queue in front of its green facade, with staff running up and down scribbling orders for the take-away window, but did you know that just around the corner is Miznon? Miznon (which means buffet in Hebrew) is the Parisian branch of the pita-crazy, good fast food joint opened by chef Eyal Shani in Tel Aviv. It is the coolest, most unconventional and eclectic fast food place you can imagine.

A former UVarium converted into a café that’s a little rough around the edges with garden touches and outgoing waiters that call your name when your order is ready. Trust me, some of us have never heard our names pronounced that way. We chatted to the two ladies seated next to us and compared our pitas. Once they left, we were introduced to our new table neighbours by our charming waiter but then ignored them since we were too into our own conversation.

We offered to take fotos of a trio that seemed to be lifelong friends and were clearly regulars and even bumped into a friend who was visiting from Israel and obviously preferred this joint to steak & frites in a bistro!

I am no foodie, so I will not go into a great deal of detail about the menu, you'll just have to try it yourself. I will say that their speciality is a kind of burnt cauliflower and even if this might not sound tasty believe me it is worth trying ... and I guarantee they serve the best pita in town!

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