April 7, 2015

You know you are in living in Paris when...

- whatever it is you want, you argue to get your point across
- you walk behind a person trying to overtake them and they keep swerving from one side of the pavement to the other
- you make three attempts until it finally works - whatever it is, but especially when dealing with customer service and authorities
- you think nothing of queuing for hours eventhough you hate it
- you always check your change
- your most strategic alliance is with your concierge
- you always carry an umbrella in your handbag
- a tourist asks you for info and the first thing you do is grab your bag tighter
- you order a café gourmand and indulge in a sublime platter of desserts served with your coffee
- you stop to enjoy a glass of wine on a terasse and can glimps the Tour Eiffel

My personal tip:
Smile when you talk to people. They don't expect it and it throws them. It'll also get you a long way!

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