April 12, 2015

42,195 km in the most beautiful city of the world!

"Et allez ! C’est parti pour 42.195 km de plaisir dans la plus belle ville du monde ! QUE DU BONHEUR!"

... and boy, were they lucky, the over 40'000 participants of the Paris marathon today. The sun was out, it was not too hot and the Parisian had decided to come out by the thousands and cheer on the runners arrived from over 150 nations.

Now, I'm a runner but I know my limits. I'll stick to constancy rather than distance. I run my 4 to 5 km a couple times a week and am very happy to encourage the "real runners".

So, today - much to my kids' delight - I dragged the entire family to various spots along the route to cheer the participants on. "Really, Mummy?!?" Yes, really! I have tremendous respect for the people who undertake this challenge although personally I think it's madness. But hey, à chaqu'un son truc!

The main sponsor's advertising campaign.

Avenue Foch beyond the arrival.
The first ten athletes to cross the line were either Kenyan or Ethiopian.

A few media facts

Some Brazilian animation

Food for the spectators

 "There is no finish line"

I can, I will ... and I did!

Champs Elysées closed to the traffic, yupee!

A humorous albeit peculiar supporter

A very picturesque marathon: the runners passed many of the French capital’s most historic landmarks, including the Place de le Bastille, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

Police trying to figure our where to go next!?!

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