July 8, 2015

A celebration cruise on St. Martin

Every year, when the school year comes to a close our dear friend Mona organises a grand boat tour along the Seine or the Canal St. Martin. So why would we sign up for the same tour every year you are wondering? Easy, it a chance for the parents to gather all together once more to reminisce in past adventures and exchange future addresses while the kids are wrapping up their school work. It is sort of a goodbye tour without officially ever been named such.

Someone brings snacks along, others something stronger but it is always more of a happy celebration of our little international community within Paris rather that a sad goodbye cruise. Of course, we never pay much attention to the actual tourist attractions along the river bank - tells you how spoilt we all are - but rather we try to get that last conversation in or just plain let each other know how much we enjoyed meeting and how different it will be in September when half the bunch will have moved on to new destinations.

So thank you Mona for your diligent and perfect organization in bringing us all together and making these cruises an integral part of our Paris experience. It would not be the same without your dedication and passion to share the beautiful sides Paris has to offer.

No matter from which angle you look at her, 
La Grande Dame is always impressive

The bridge of love locks has gone all pink!

A late-comer who hopped on with a little help and lots of loud cheers

Notre Dame from the "other side"

Entering the Canal St. Martin and the first canal lock

Even the metro line looks picturesque in Paris

Graffiti somewhere in the 19th arrondissement

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