July 30, 2015

Where is Gaeta?

We were on a roll during our last visit to Napoli. After 20 years my husband decided to exchange the endless family dining table sessions with some excursions to local sites. After spending a glorious day in Positano, one of the most romantic spots in Southern Italy, he decided to whiz me up North for the weekend. 

Gaeta is a fishing seaport in Southern Italy, but you won't find it in many guidebooks. That's because Gaeta lacks only one thing - a train station. In spite of this, it's an extremely popular summertime destination about 90 miles north of Naples on the coast road.

The Gaetani speak a dialect of Italian that, while similar to the nearby Neapolitan, is one of the few Italian dialects to preserve Latin's neuter gender. The locals embrace visitors partly thanks to their unique history with Americans. The reasons date back to WWII, when American soldiers liberated the town from German occupation. The US Navy's Sixth Fleet was stationed there for many decades and until this day NATO maintains a base of operations at Gaeta.

Personally, I enjoyed the stroll through the old town before we sat down to yet another delicious Italian meal on a terrasse right next to the Carabinieri station.

Statue of the Santa Maria Ausiliatrice overlooking Gaeta

Where is the Godfather?

The famous bell tower of the Cathedral of Assunta e Sant'Erasmo
in Arab-Norman style, dating from the 12th century

Climbing the staircases through the old town

A stunning wedding location

A typical Southern Italian touch

The nostalgic car to go with the romantic couple

The fastest way to get around town

 It's a tough life

What's missing in this photo? 
The washing being hung out to dry!

The Carabinieri are the national military police and 
one of the four Italian Armed Forces
Do the colours of the wall look like ice cream flavours to you too?

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