July 10, 2015

When a blog post hits home

Like many others, I follow the daily news and will voice my opinion on certain developments in the world if I feel I know enough about the subject. As an expat the world does become slightly smaller as you start identifying with countries and cultures that you have lived in and experienced first hand.

When it comes to Greece, I am lost. Admittedly I have not followed the happenings very closely until last week. We have been to Greece several times on holiday, one of my best friends lived in Athens for nearly a decade, so we kind of knew the country's position is not brilliant but neither is the rest of Southern Europe's.

Then, last Tuesday, in the heat of the Greek crisis, I came across a fellow blogger's post and it all started making sense. It was written straight from the heart and it struck a cord inside me that made me write a comment on her blog, like it on Facebook, share it with all my social media friends and even send it via mail to people I felt would appreciate reading this first-hand insight of a Greek living abroad.

Next thing I know, a day later, The Huffington Post, had published it on their site.

I spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face. I told my husband and my kids about it, which NEVER happens. All this, because I am truly thrilled for my blogger friend for having written such a wonderfully touching post and being rewarded by it being published on Huffington Post. Bravo Katia. I just hope it goes viral and many fellow Greek compatriots (inside and out of Greece) will read it.

Take the time and click here. It is worth the read:

1 comment:

  1. Ingrid, I am humbled! Thank you, once again, for your kind words and for sharing this so generously. It was, indeed, written from the heart, and I am very touched and happy that it resonated with you. Now all we need is an agreement for Greece :)
    I loved your post. Very honest, straight from the heart as well! My turn to share :)
    All the best, Katia


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