June 23, 2016

Ever heard of the Refugee Food Festival?

Thank Godness for foodie friends! I have a terrible sweet tooth but I won't necessarily trek the other side of town for a Michelin star chef. I enjoy good food but can go without lunch if I'm on the run... that happens a lot in Paris!

Therefore la gourmandise... 4 mains was completely off my radar. Luckily the Flaneuses' communication officer has moved up in this world to become an International Wine Challenge Associate Judge, her friend is an International award-winning cheese expert so all I need to bring along is the baguette! Just kidding.

I am grateful for my friend insisting on inviting me to the gourmet events happening in the city. There are too many to attend! Yesterday she extended an invitation that tickled my fancy.

A renowned Parisian chef was to create a 7-course meal together with a Syrian trained chef and .... refugee.

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day on June 20, the first Refugee Food Festival came to life: ten Parisian restaurant owners opened their kitchens to refugee chefs. An initiative to help change the view on refugees thanks to the universal language of culinary delights.

The buzz hit the town... and the oldest Basque establishment in town was fully booked in an instant.

Stéphane Jégo had met Mohamad Elkhaldy just a fortnight earlier in Paris and decided to give it a try. He welcomed the Syrian Chef in his restaurant l'Ami Jean where the two got to work using Google translate and swapping photos on their smartphones to communicate.  Together they developed a menu merging the French and Syrian cuisines to create an truly unique experience in sense, taste, colour and ambiance.

Shokran Mohamad et Merci Stéphane pour un déjeuner délicieux et extraordinaire!

Here is the menu for the foodies amongst you:
Travaillé de lentilles corail, kebbeh aux épinards / Kebbé nayé "concassé d'agneau" et anguille fumée / Chanklich fromage fermenté / Marinade de maquereau, piment doux sauce Tahini / Farci de courgette "boeuf de Galice, fraicheur de yaourt / Freekeh de tradition, pigeon "Mesger" rôti / Crème glacée syrienne à la pistache / Riz au lait

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