June 10, 2016

Let the show begin...

So, the football fever has finally caught up with us. We can't help but notice the thousands of fans that walk by our appartement every day and the metros which are packed with men wearing their country's t-shirts and the ladies displaying their national flags across their cheeks.

Needless to mention French transport workers are striking against railroads and airlines. Fuel depots and refineries have been blocked for weeks, garbage workers are refusing to pick up trash, and there has been a surprise blockade of supply trucks at the main food terminal for the Paris region... and the world was worried about South Africa not being able to live up to everybody's expectations during the World Cup in 2010!!!

Anyway, David Guetta has been welcomed with pomp last night by 80'000 people in the Champs de Mars where I decided to take stroll a few hours before the show began...

Paris will always be Paris...

Sky Sports Mobile satellite van

Sky Sports have taken up their prime broadcasting position 

A distant memory of last week's floods

The police are our in force

Why orange... I wonder?

The giant screen is the size of a basket ball court

Parisian reality...worlds apart!

Instilling a sense of protection and security?!?

Souvenirs, souvenirs!

Just look at the crowds and the competition has not even begun yet!

Happy Hour!

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