June 6, 2016

It's a passion...

Many a times have I been asked: "So, what DO you do with all the pictures you take?". Well, first and foremost I post the photos on my blog.

I do, however, love to share, therefore I have of late taken to making photo greeting cards that I have been selling quite successfully... much to my surprise.

It started out as charity. I gave a friend of mine some cards for her Christmas Bazaar stall and told her to sell them and keep the proceeds for her foundation. Little did I know that the echo would be quite so overwhelming. I have had constant requests and have timidly sold a few hundred of my photo greeting cards over the past few months. 30% of the earnings continue to go to charity.

I feel quite chuffed with this exploit. I never imagined giving people such joy over a labour of love of mine and I am flabbergasted to see that others enjoy my photography as much as I do.

It seems my cards are popular as souvenirs to keep and as farewell cards for the Expats leaving Paris. I am just happy to be able to share my passion of photographing the city of love...


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