June 26, 2016

Parisian rooftop yoga divas

According to the calendar Paris was enjoying the spring, why... we were one day short of summer solstice, a date I had marked last year as one of the best days so far in Paris.

I had discovered a yoga studio that for 5 mornings only would give a yoga class on the roof terrace of La Maison Blanche, the most extravagant restaurant in Paris, also known for its spectacular view onto the Eiffel Tower.

So there I was; I had been calling the studio since March to make sure I got a space for this extraordinary yoga session and now I was standing on a rather unprotected wooden deck over looking not only La Grande Dame de Fer but also the enormous golden dome of the new Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Les Invalides and half the Seine. It is a view and a feeling that has yet to be surpassed despite my many exploits in this city.

The only hiccup this year was that instead of the sunshine and 25°C I was hoping for we were threatened by big heavy grey clouds and a rather chilly wind. But nothing was going to keep the ten ladies that had turned up for this exclusive encounter, we therefore went into our downward dog, kept calm and carried on! 

When the first drops began to fall the Australian teacher suggested - with a rather worried smile - to take the class inside which we all vehemetly declined and stoically sailed though our yoga class under the rain. 

I hit me then and there overlooking the rooftops of the city of love that it is Paris and the passions this place evokes that keeps Parisians going.... most certainly not its weather!!!

“It’s Paris. You don’t come here for the weather.”

A flowery welcome and ...

... the panoramic view...

... before we get down to business!

Peeking into the neighbours' ateliers

A stunning and memorable rooftop yoga session!

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