December 11, 2016

Getting into the Christmas spirit...

Lots of little hands rummaging through glitter and gold. Eyes wide open not quite knowing how to take it all in. Worried looks about not being able to communicate their wishes properly. Little frowned foreheads feverishly trying to calculate if the note in their hand is worth one of those Euros or more?

I am standing behind a gift stall at the Holiday Bazaar that some very active parent organize every year at Primary School. My kids have long graduated from 5th Grade but I have a big soft spot for this place. 

It is priceless watching all those little kids run around from stall to stall with their tiny fingers tightly wrapped around a bag of coins trying to take decisions on what Christmas present to buy for their loved ones. Many of them are allowed to take this decision by themselves for the first time without Mummy hovering over them. This, however, comes with the responsibility of having to choose by yourself as well... and, ohh, this is such a hard task when everything is sparkling and shining plus there are chocolate and sweeties at offer as well.

The Kindergarteners - gently guided by their teachers - immediately head for the glittery objects offering their hands full of coins to you while you try to explain that their desired object only cost 50 cents. The realization that they actually have money left to spend on something else is priceless. 

The older ones are more savvy and go straight for the valuable items with a mental list in their heads whom they need to buy gifts for. The really audacious ones even start negotiating the price with you. You gotta love that sparkle in their eyes when they struck a deal.

It has been a rewarding day reminding me how precious those few years are when children are still in total awe in front of a sparkling star or a jar of candy. How their emotions are written all over their faces and their little cheeks turn red with excitement of seeing the wonder of Christmas.

Love is definitely in the air

My offerings... the glittery the better!

Christmas tree decorations are always popular

The Japanese team spent weeks making Origamy 

Delicate Origamy boxes

Paris themes are always fun... no matter what shape or form

How many M&M can fit in a jar?

The Scandinavian contribution

A Brazilian mum is our Pompom specialist

Simple but effective

The Indian community came up with the best homemade display

Straight from the US with love

The Santa stand was the first one to sell out

The wonders you can make with old, melted crayons

A Turkish lady made wonderful smelling soaps in all sorts of colours and shapes

The Dutch-Swiss contingency supplied vitamines and biscuits

All in the name of charity

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