December 20, 2016

Napoli at Christmas

A little pre-Christmas celebration with the in-laws is just the medicine to avoid holiday stress.

Every year we used to frantically try to reach Southern Italy on the December 23rd to celebrate Christmas Eve with my husband's family. We've had many pretty memorable adventures over the last decade until one Christmas we had survived four days in the Neapolitan countryside wearing the same clothes having arrived empty-handed. Our suitcases had never made it onto that plane let alone out to the back-of-beyond Campania.

Enough was enough... since then we have moved up our Italian family Christmas and things run much smoother. We are all more relaxed enjoying every minute of our visit.

Napoli is full of special places and moments to photograph. Here are just a few...

A beautiful view over the city

Cuore sportivo

Coffee break à la napolitaine 

A peek though the metal grid

A sea of pirate antennas

A typical Napolitan Christmas dessert: gli struffoli

The most famous Neapolitan dessert: o' babà

The streets of Napoli... just like walking into a Fellini film 

Napoli forever

Forza Napoli... football is a very serious matter in this part of the world!

Spaccanapoli is the straight and narrow main street that traverses the old, historic center of the city.

Sometimes called "Christmas Alley" the narrow cobblestone alley of via San Gregorio Armeno is where Christmas lives year round.

There, small workshops sell hand-crafted nativity scenes or presepi made from terracotta and wood... 

...depicting not only biblical characters but also statues 
of famous Italian stars and International politicians.

Neapolitans are famous for their washing lines everywhere.

Fast food Neapolitan style

Touch Pulcinella's nose for good luck!

Superstition is part of everyday life

"If you love Naples, you love tourist!"
Napoli's latest tourist slogan.

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