December 10, 2017

A Norwegian Christmas market in Paris

Be it French, Swedish, or Norwegian with less than one month until Christmas, more and more festive markets are popping up all over Paris. No need to wait until Christmas Eve to get the festivities started in my eyes.

For the past five years I have been looking forward to a very special Christmas market celebrating the best of Swedish festive traditions. Their stalls serve fresh salmon, cranberry jams, brioche and other tasty winter recipes from the Nordic country. The candlesticks and Advent chandeliers are particularly beautiful and are as big a tradition in Sweden as they are in Switzerland.

Embracing change, I decided to visit the Norwegian Christmas market this year. Much to my surprise the queue was enormous eventhough I arrived 15 minutes before the official opening. Who knew Norway was so trendy?

With melt-in-the-mouth waffles, cinnamon rolls and Eau-de-vie made for potatoes, as well as jumpers and other cozy items in traditional prints, the Norwegian Christmas market combined fashion, food and Nordic design. 

Producers, artisans and artists from Norway travelled to the French capital to present culinary specialties such as elk sausage, salmon, cheese, chocolate and alcohol as well as gift ideas like reindeer skins, knitwear, jewellery, design objects and books at their unusual Christmas market. 

This is probably what makes it so attractive to Parisian searching for something special and unique and who are gradually becoming aware that Christmas markets are an essential part of the festive season.

Time to embrace the holidays, Scandinavian style... God JUL!

Welcome to a piece of Norway

God Jul

Norwegian delicacies

A original Christmas tree ... recyclable for years to come!

Obviously a Norwegian traction?!?


... a term used to describe various supernatural beings in Nordic folklore
and storytelling traditions, which has roots in Norse mythology.

Reindeer sausage requires a bit of effort for the feeble hearted...

... as does reindeer fur!

He made me smile 

The Norwegian version of a rocking horse?!?

Intriguing... Eau de vie made from potatoes

God Jul to all!

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