February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day is stuck in Morocco

Here I am, sitting at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport over a not-so-romantic dinner with my hubby on Valentine's Day. All my magnificent planning of whizzing my sweetheart off for a surprise dinner in Lugano tonight, have just gone royally down the drain thanks to our easyjet plane stuck somewhere in Morocco! Valentine's dinner at the airport it is. On a brighter note, dinner has never been so cheap on February 14th. 19.90 Euros for the four us. Trust me it is not thanks to the four easyjet vouchers that are worth 4 Euros each and barely cover the drinks!

After facing an angry husband who was forced to leave a vital meeting with his boss at 4pm because his wife had other plans on the day of love, we got a head start and beat the Parisian holiday traffic, only to arrive at the airport and find ourselves blocked in a tiny, boring terminal for four hours. We finally boarded the plane at 10pm and reached Lugano by midnight. Record travel time. Those planes can travel so much faster when they want to...

We might have travelled thirteen hours for a 48-hour weekend but the motivation to head home to Lugano was great and the added surprise factor to celebrate Valentine's Day in Switzerland kept us going... even if we celebrated a day late!


  1. aw, I think it's a lovely idea! I hope you guys had a great V-Day weekend!

  2. Just seeing the smile on my daughters face when she hugged her buddies made it all worth while!


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