February 21, 2014

Who am I?

It has been three days now that I have been chewing on the question asked by my favourite blogger from Doha: Who am I? She challenged her fellow expat readers to think about who we really are. The about pages on our blogs contain our marital status, our number of children and the times we've moved. But what is it that really makes us tick?

The various moves in themselves redefine who you are every single time. The experiences you undergo, the people you meet, the cultures you confront. Each and every time you take that plane to relocate to your next destination it is a very different "you" waving good-bye to the "you" that arrived some years beforehand. Places and especially their people leave an imprint, an impression or at the very least an influence that cannot be denied.

Who am I today?

A very self-sufficient Expat wife enjoying the time and place she is in right now, making the most of her days as a companion, a mother, a friend, an explorer, an organizer, a fighter, and a blogger.

I love being on my own but I take great pleasure going on adventures with others. I like keeping to myself but can't resist the drive to blog about my life. I prefer to keep my life private but spend a great deal of time on facebook contributing to my timeline.

I enjoy a good squabble with the locals even though I have grown fond of the city I live in. I am keen on expressing myself and can't help from making comments when something bugs me.

I encourage my kids to be independent but am the last mum to leave the school grounds because I need to give my kids just one more little hug. I am a control freak but can't keep tears from flowing even at the slightest emotion.

I enjoy meeting people and imagining their life stories. I am a friend who will listen to you all night over a glass of wine. I am the fellow expat who'll go out of her way to stay in touch.

I am your friend who sends you her funky newsletter every single year without which Christmas just wouldn't be the same.

So tell me, who are you?

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