February 19, 2014

When I turns into WE...

It started with a post by a fellow blogger, no I rectify that, actually Kirsty Rice is my favourite blogger. No, I have never met her personally but ... maybe ... one day our paths might cross.

"Who am I": a simple question that got my mind wondering in all kinds of directions. I could fully relate to most all the points she listed, being a fellow Expat. With exception, maybe, of the WE bit. "Expat couples travel in a collective ‘we’" she stated.

Of course, there always is and always will be the WE in who I am, BUT - call me selfish - I have always made sure that the ME bit never comes too short. I am a firm believer that you can only support your husband and family, if you believe in yourself. We all know this whole expat thing would fall apart without - what they call - the trailing spouse! And this part of you cannot be linked to a job, it must come from within. Call me pretentious but with age you learn what is good for you.

I learnt a lesson very early on in life. The day I announced to my boss that I would be leaving my job thereby giving up my rather promising career to get married and move to Buenos Aires for an undefined period of time, he told me: "You must realize, my dear, that now you no longer will be sitting in the driver's seat but on the passenger side." THAT stuck. Being fiercely independent (and a control-freak) I promised myself I would always make sure the balance is right in my relationship.

It is all about the balance between him and me.
The exchange.
The communication.
The respect.
The trust.
The complicity.
The patience.
The understanding.
The tolerance.
and always ... The fun!

... which is why the WE is so much better than the I when you're an Expat!

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