November 16, 2017

Just another regular week in Paris

The last seven days have been a roller coaster of emotions but I have finally come to realize that I probably need to adjust the subtitle of my blog from A transitionary home for my soul stuck somewhere between the Swiss Alps and Parisian chic to A perpetual home for my soul firmly placed between the Swiss Alps and Parisian chic.

Why you wonder? Well, for the first time in a very long period I have come to feel energized rather than frustrated by all the challenges faced when living in this city. Not that all matters relate directly to Paris but living in this metropolis takes a lot more out of you than one cares to admit.

For starters, if you are out and about you can easily clock up 8 to 10km a day. There's your exercise done for the week! Constant noise and pollution not to mention the damp cold that has hit us this month can make your life miserable.

My past week kicked off with a fundraiser for the Mexican earthquake victims. My lovely barre exercise teacher volunteered to hold a class in a trendy new hotel out in the Northern suburbs to raise awareness and help my Mexican friend's network.

The next day I ended up spending the night in hospital accompanying my 18-year old (who's birthday we just celebrated the night before) through a tonsil operation because that's what mammas of Italian boys are expected to do in my hubby's book. So, off I went to sleep on a camp bed making sure my baby was well taken care of.

Unfortunately we had some less good news within our extended family which put a damper on the general mood.

A challenge to embrace change at the kids' school had me reeling back to take action immediately and dive into the task at hand.

When a friend declares he wants to celebrate his birthday with you and travels all the way from Madrid to do so, it does lift your spirit sky-high.

When your satellite gets messed with and you are stuck without a TV when Italy is qualifying for the World cup against Sweden and subsequently looses, I am not sure that is a bad thing to have missed?!?

Then the heater conks out and I am learning all the ins and outs of a hot air heating system built in the late 1800's from a French engineer-savy technician.

Oh, did I mention we had a couple of interesting episodes with tenants of the chambre de bonne? But I'll keep those stories for another post...

Walking around the neighbourhood of St.Ouen

The essence of MOB Hotel is translated into visual, sound, olfactory, taste and tactile identities.
Happy to promote the opening of a new cooperative-orientated business thanks to the Dailey Method and Techo Inmediato.

Expat Boy's lunch after having his tonsils out

Grand opening of our new neighbourhood food hall

Heading back to school as a woman with a mission

A celebration dinner with friends

Just had to check out the Christian Dior show again

This is what is left of our original heating system

Some action going on top of the roof

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