November 26, 2017

Photographing a cake can be art

Two months ago I was mingling with the models trying to make my way around the Grand Palais during Vogue's Fashion Night Out not really taking in the art work on the wall but the works of art strutting around on their long lanky legs swishing their wonderful hair does around and showing off the latest fashion items.

Therefore it only seemed fair returning to the Grand Palais to join a guided tour and pay tribute to one of the greatest fashion photographers of the 20th century, Irving Penn.

The exhibition looked back over this remarkable man’s 70-year career, with more than 235 photographic prints, all produced by the artist himself, as well as a selection of his drawings and paintings. Thanks to our thorough French guide from "Les Mots et les Arts" - expert in contemporary art - we took in a comprehensive vision of the wide range of genres Irving Penn worked in: fashion, still life, portraits, nudes, beauty, cigarettes and even debris. 

A photographer who states that Photographing a cake can be art can only be brilliant and fascinating in my book.

As usual it is pouring ... making my way to the exhibition

My absolute favourite venue for exhibits in Paris: Le Grand Palais

Feeling inspired to create a similar still life with my Thanksgiving ingredients tonight!

How many times can you be on the cover of Vogue?

Forever Christian Dior
Dorian Leigh, New York, 1949

One of Irving Penn's most renowned shots:
Girl with Tobacco on Tongue (Mary Jane Russell), 1951

A group shot of the Top Models of 1949

A photographic study of the Small Trades: Le Chef

Le garçon

America, Inc, a fascinating article written by Gerald W. Johnson

Recognize this young man?
A fashion designer who recently inaugurated a museum in Marrakech?

Who's hiding in the shadows?
Spain's most famous painter.

 Irving Penn's used the same simple backdrop for all these photographs: a theatre curtain he’d found in Paris that he then kept in his studio – on display in the exhibition. Astonishing and moving!

The man's best friend 

My interpretation of his photograph.

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