November 25, 2017

Curious about French vintage luxury

When you live in the world's fashion capital there are always occasions to dip into the feeling of luxury even if only from afar. I am not talking about window shopping on Ave Montaigne lined with designer boutiques and exquisite hotels but a simple viewing of vintage luxury.

At the very beginning of Avenue Montaigne at the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées lies the auction house "Artcurial". Conceived as a cultural venue fifteen years ago, it now boast more than 25 areas of expertise, from fine art to decorative art to street art, collectors’ cars, jewellery, fine wines and, of course, fashion.

Since 2005, the Hermès vintage sales created by Artcurial have become an international reference.
Once in a while, on a rainy Sunday afternoon my husband and I will check out the public viewing of a fashion auction.

Last Monday the "Fall Fashion Arts" sale included a fantastic collection of Japanese fashion, as well as a great selection of Hermes accessories: beach towels, shoes, belts, bags, bedcover, bracelets, jewels, gloves, and more. Furthermore, beautiful Louis Vuitton scarfs, bags, accessories and wallets were also on display. As were a whole lot of black gowns and suits.

It makes me wonder where does all this merchandise come from? Who were their owners and why have they decided to sell? Every piece has a story to tell but sadly no one will ever hear it.

Who are the people that decide to buy a certain bag or pair of shoes? Is it for a special occasion or have they had their heart set on this particular object for a long time?

These vintage sales - offering a journey through time and personal stories - leave me begging to look beyond the luxurious, incomparable world of brands that stands for elegance and refinement à la française.

Feeling curious? Check out the catalogue here.

Where to start? 

Taking a deep breath and peeking out onto Avenue Montaigne

Would you pay 1500.- Euros for a second hand Hermes bag?

These vintage Kelly handbags dating from 1945 to 1980s sold between 1000 and 2000 Euros according to the Artcurial site.

This Hermes saddle sold for 650.- Euro the next day

Louis Vuitton Gallore

I wonder how much my Louis Vuitton boots from 2001 would bring in?

I like the funky sunglasses

Black fashion forever... très Parisienne

Oops, where do these fit in with French fashion?

This delicate Hermes tea set sadly remained unsold

Impress your dinner guests!

A rather sober looking catalogue 

Autumn snapshot onto the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées

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