November 11, 2017

La Grande Epicerie of Paris opens in Passy

Franck & Fils - a small Parisian department store emblematic of a privileged neighbourhood life -  founded in 1937 knew how to seduce a clientele in search of products quality and originality.

The story of a young Alsatian visionary woman called Emma Franck begins in 1897 in the middle of what was then the village of Passy with a small haberdashery named "The Galleries Parisiennes". Here she proposed original fabrics, ribbons and hats in a few square meters of shop and orders were carried out in the back courtyard within 24 hours.

The shop expanded and developed with success thanks to its unique concept: a store entirely devoted to women.

After the Great War, Georges, Emma's son joins her in the business and the brand opens at Rue de Passy. Sadly Franck & Fils was forced to close its doors in 2015 becoming victim of the plethoric supply of fashion boutiques around it.

After 15 months of noisy and dusty works, the Grande Epicerie de Paris now marks this place with its 3,000 m2 of commercial space. Its planted façade with scents of thyme, mint and rosemary offers a touch of modernity and originality to this shopping street in perpetual evolution.

Food lovers are delighted to hear that the inhabitants of the 16th arrondissement of Paris already accounted for 15% of the turnover of the Grande Epicerie de Paris located on the left bank. What more reason do you need to open a duplicate the other side of town? It seems they are aiming to serve the local clientele, and not be dependent on an international flow of tourism.

Well, I've been to have a peak the past two days and the trend looks promising. Locals Expats and French alike were scouting to check out the shelves, counters, fridges, bars, cupboards and market spaces.

It is eye candy galore as well as foodie heaven!

It's the new meeting point in the hood!

Thank Goodness they kept the stunning coupole as an hommage to Emma Franck

How many times can you market plain water?

One little square of an enormous wine cellar

My favourite corner

Pick your own bio egg

 No butter shortage in sight 

For the American Expats living in the 16th

For the Italian Expats living in the 16th

For the Spanish Expats living in the 16th

I hate to think what these might be?!?
At 39,95 the kilo, seriously?

The Bulgari of fruit stalls

How many time can you decline a butter biscuit?

Designer marrons are in season 

Eye candy for my sweet tooth

Parisian sugar cubes... just for fun

A French advent calendar

French version of Zimtsternli

For German and Swiss Expat living in the 16th

The classic Tre Marie Christmas Panettone imported straight from Milano

Wishing our new neighbour much success in his business endeavour!

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